Rees Literary Agency

Genre : Business books, self-help, biography, autobiography, political, literary fiction, memoirs, history, current affairs (home 15%).

Richard Curtis Associates Inc

Genre : All types of commercial non-fiction (home 15%, overseas 25%, film/TV 15%). Foreign rights handled by Baror International

Richford Becklow Agency

Genre : Literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction: first novels, history, biography, young adult and popular culture particularly welcome (home 15%, overseas 20%). No fiction for middle grade and younger readers accepted

Rick Broadhead & Associates Literary Agency

Genre : Handles: Nonfiction; Areas: Biography; Business; Culture; Current Affairs; Health; Historical; Humour; Lifestyle; Medicine; Military; Nature; Politics; Science; Self-Help; Markets: Adult; Treatments: Popular

Robert Dudley Agency

Genre : Non-fiction only. Specialises in history, biography, sport, management, politics, military history, current affairs (home 15%, overseas 20%; film/TV/radio 20%).

Robert Lecker Agency

Genre : Specialises in books on entertainment, music, popular culture, popular science, intellectual and cultural history, food and travel. Does not represent children?s, screenplays, poetry, self-help or spiritual.

Robert Smith Literary Agency Ltd

Genre : Non-fiction only: autobiography and biography, topical subjects, history, lifestyle, popular culture, entertainment, sport, true crime, health and nutrition, illustrated books (home 15%, overseas 20%).

Robin Jones Literary Agency (RJLA)

Genre : Adult fiction and non-fiction: literary and commercial. Russian themed fiction and non-fiction welcomed

Rochelle Stevens & Co

Genre : Drama scripts for films, TV, theatre and radio (10%). Send preliminary letter, cv, short synopsis and opening ten pages of a drama script by post (sae essential for return of material).

Rochelle Stevens & Co.

Genre : Handles: Scripts; Areas: Film; Radio; Theatre; TV; Markets: Adult

Rocking Chair Books Ltd

Genre : Focuses on adult commercial fiction, literary fiction, graphic novels and non-fiction for publication around the world (home 15%, translation/adaptation rights 20%). No children?s, YA or science fiction (unless they are crossover). Also works with other a

Roger Hancock Ltd

Genre : Handles: Scripts; Areas: Drama; Entertainment; Humour; Markets: Adult; Treatments: Light

Rogers, Coleridge & White Ltd

Genre : Full-length book MSS, including children?s books (home 15%, USA 20%, translation 20%).

Rosica Colin Ltd

Genre : All full-length MSS (excluding science fiction and poetry); also theatre, film and sound broadcasting (home 10%, overseas 10?20%). No reading fee, but may take 3?4 months to consider full MSS

Rupert Crew Ltd

Genre : International representation, handling accessible literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction for the adult and children?s (8+) markets. Home 15%; overseas, TV/film and radio 20%. No picture books, plays, screenplays, poetry, journalism, science ficti

Rupert Heath Literary Agency

Genre : Fiction: literary, thrillers, crime, historical, general; non-fiction: history, biography and autobiography, science, nature, politics and current affairs, popular culture and the arts (15% UK, 20% overseas, 20% film/TV/dramatic).